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I love coconut smell, what about you? Especially when it comes from  100%  organic virgin coconut oil.

Yesterday I received a package with products of the company which makes cosmetics just with natural coconut oil and I was so excited to sniff it, to apply it and to see the results. Also it is a chance for you (as well as for me) to get to know about benefits of coconut oil and believe me you can’t imagine how many of them there are. So from now on I’ll be reviewing some of the products of this company called “Cocowell” ( I believe company is Japanese though it is made in Philippines as coconut oil is being produced there) starting with handmade organic lip cream.

First of all it has organic certifications and it is made from six ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax (Brazil wax or palm wax), vitamin E (which is derived from soy beans), and natural oil essences for the smell. Waxes is for keeping the shape of balm and for moisturizing, vitamin E works as an antioxidant. This is very simple natural, and worked great for my lips while hydrating and softening them. It is said you can also use it for your skin or hair but as I got organic coconut oil, I will be using it for those purposes and I am going to review it later.

Smell is amazing, very light and sweet. Mine was coconut smell, but there are also mango, banana, pineapple scents. I am curious to try these fruity smells, so I might purchase it later.

This is an official site (in Japanese)

Purchase it on Amazon Japan