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And Organic shampoo and treatment for damaged and colored hair

Hello everyone. It has been a while since the last time I reviewed a shampoo (almost one week is a lot for me:)). And here it goes another Japanese brand called “And Organic” (it is used in some hair salons in Japan). As you can guess it is silicone free. By the way if you just started using silicone free shampoos you might want to know that it takes time for your hair to get used to this kind of shampoos so please give it at least two weeks before you decide to throw it away:P

I have been using And Organic shampoo and treatment for a week and I am really happy about it. Not just only it doesn’t contain many “bad” stuff in it (parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrance, TEA, DEA, MEA, phenoxyethanol) but it also cleans and lathers very well. I used this shampoo when I was trying coconut oil for my hair and it managed to wash it away completely. You will like the smell as well if you prefer light and natural scents like  lavender and citrus.

Treatment works great for colored or damaged hair like mine leaving it without any tangles. My hair felt soft and moisturized. I am sure I would keep on using this brand since I want to grow a healthy long hair again.

I was trying to find out if it can be purchased on such websites like Global Rakuten or Amazon Japan. However I couldn’t find it. But be sure to try this brand if you live in Japan!

Official website in Japanese



I love coconut smell, what about you? Especially when it comes from  100%  organic virgin coconut oil.

Yesterday I received a package with products of the company which makes cosmetics just with natural coconut oil and I was so excited to sniff it, to apply it and to see the results. Also it is a chance for you (as well as for me) to get to know about benefits of coconut oil and believe me you can’t imagine how many of them there are. So from now on I’ll be reviewing some of the products of this company called “Cocowell” ( I believe company is Japanese though it is made in Philippines as coconut oil is being produced there) starting with handmade organic lip cream.

First of all it has organic certifications and it is made from six ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax (Brazil wax or palm wax), vitamin E (which is derived from soy beans), and natural oil essences for the smell. Waxes is for keeping the shape of balm and for moisturizing, vitamin E works as an antioxidant. This is very simple natural, and worked great for my lips while hydrating and softening them. It is said you can also use it for your skin or hair but as I got organic coconut oil, I will be using it for those purposes and I am going to review it later.

Smell is amazing, very light and sweet. Mine was coconut smell, but there are also mango, banana, pineapple scents. I am curious to try these fruity smells, so I might purchase it later.

This is an official site (in Japanese)

Purchase it on Amazon Japan


Tomoe Kobo: simple and natural

I was using this simple skin care system for around 2 weeks only at night, washing skin just with water in the morning as excessive use of cleansing products washes away natural sebum. I am pretty satisfied with it (and it is very good for me as I hate spending so much time for skincare procedures >_<). Soap doesn’t foam so much, but as for organic products you should be aware it might not lather that much and as I mentioned before, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t clean as good as not organic ones and this soap cleaned very well!  But if your skin is oily you might want to use cleansing gel. My skin type is a bit dry type so this soap left my skin a bit tight. Thats why I used toner right after washing my face which left it more balanced – not too oily not too dry, very supple and soft. I don’t know if it is just a coincidence but my skin felt much brighter and clearer after the first time of using it. I also like the smell of both soap and toner which is very light and natural.

Here you can see how well toner cleaned after I lightly wiped my skin with a cotton pad:

All Tomoe Kobo products are made from Dokudami, which is used in Japanese medicine and it is 100% chemical free (isnt’t it great?). I might think of continue using it as it is simple, gentle, refreshing and organic:)

Official website

Tamanohada Welcome soap

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This reminds me of Japanese sweets called Taiyaki (Tai is a famous japanese fish). Design is cool, isn’t it? And it is comfortable as it has rope, so you can hang it in your bath or just like decoration in your room (if you think it is too nice to be used). Smell is sooo good and refreshing. I got red one, which smells like pomegrate. My bath was full of this nice smell so it works great as a room fragrance too!

I usually prefer using shower gel instead of soap because soap usually leaves skin dry. This wasn’t an exception (but you should know that the purpose of soap is not to moisturize but to clean, so you should add moisturizer right after washing your skin, please read HERE). My hubby likes that dry skin feeling after bath because it feels like all the dirt was washed away. And if your body metabolism is fine, your natural oil layer of the skin will recover pretty soon so you don’t have to worry. Keep in mind that moisture and oil is different so as I said please apply moisturizer.

This soap might seem a bit expensive but it weighs 310g. You can also choose from lilly and brown sugar scents. It is made from natural plant ingredients.

Where to purchase: Amazon Japan

Tamanohada: shampoos and conditioners

Hello there. Did you had a great weekend? Well, I did <sticking tongue out>. Me, my hubby and my lovely 3 years old son went to Japanese restaurant to have  “shabu shabu” (Japanese vegetable soup in which you put meat and eat right after it gets boiled), also got some free samples of organic shampoos in one department store and most important delivery man brought two packages full of cosmetics. And guess my reaction when I saw that there was orange scented shampoo in it:) Usually I take photos  of products, I’m going to review, before using them, but just couldn’t stand this one. I opened it immediately and deeply inhale the smell. However a slight orange smell was overpowered by some other, floral scent. I thought maybe just my nose is getting weird recently. But to compare how real orange smells, I took sweet orange essential oil, and I was sure then that it was not exactly how this shampoo smells. That is just a slight cons. All the other things is just pros:


* lathers a lot;

* rinses well;

* silicone-free.


* silky, smooth hair;

* adds shine;

* adds moisture;

* floral scent remains for quite a long time;

* adds volume .

It is probably the best silicone free shampoo I’ve used so far. My hubby even asked if I got a haircut as there was something different about my hair, more bounce, shinier.

There are eight different smells for this series! I have samples of all them and can’t wait til I can try them all. Besides Orange scent, there are also Fig, Musk, Rose, Lavender, Gardenia, Mint, Olibanum scents (smell comes from natural esesential oils). Hope you will choose your favorite one and enjoy it as much as I did.

Purchase it: Amazon Japan, Global Rakuten.

Official website (in Japanese)

La Fleur – Japanese hair care with organic essential oils

Citrus smell is my weakness. And when it comes to silicone-free shampoo which smells like sweet orange and lemongrass, I can’t stop being excited. Especially when the scent is so strong that it feels like someone’s peeling a lemon in front of you. And it all comes from organic essential oils!
Besides it left my hair soooo glossy and smooth to touch. Shampoo doesn’t really have thick consistency but you will need just a small amount to rinse your hair as it lathers so much. Please try to use both shampoo and conditioner for a full effect.
I am putting this into my wishlist!

There is also Rose scent shampoo in this series. But when it came to the smell of this shampoo, I was disappointed, not because I don’t like rose smell much. It smelled a bit strangely, not exactly how I expected (like vinegar and rose?). And in comparison with the shampoo and conditioner above, it didn’t leave my hair that silky though I can’t say it dried out my hair either.

La Fleur Lavender shampoo. It has very strong herbal smell. Shampoo foams a lot (easy to rinse hair) and it is pretty similar to Citrus shampoo and conditioner as it leaves my hair super moisturized.

I am not sure how much organic this brand is, but it doesn’t contain silicone, parabens, artificial color and fragrance. Detergent is mild so you can use it for your children.

Where to purchase:  Global Rakuten (there are also trial sets, it says it can be shipped to the United States)

Official website (in Japanese)

P.S.To tell the truth, it is getting harder for me to describe a good shampoo or conditioner. All I can say it makes hair glossy, silky, adds volume, bounce, moisture, rinses well. What else do yu need to fall in love with a shampoo or a conditioner? Please share in the comments below:)

Have a good weekend!

Aroma Kifi hand creams

This morning was harsh for me. After I woke up it felt like someone was hitting my head during all night  >_< What i needed at that time was something refreshing and energizing to start my day with. My eyes got caught by Aroma Kifi Rosemary and Grapefruit hand cream and text on the package in japanese which said “シャキッとONタイム”. シャキッ means “fresh” and ONタイム is “ON time”, you should use this cream when you feel you want to “switch” yourself ON. So I gave it a try. What I got a bit disappointed about is the smell since I couldn’t tell it has grapefruit scent in it much. However the smell is not bad, very natural and light. Personally I prefer Lavender and Lime (for taking a break) from the same series (you know that I go crazy about citrus smell). It smells fantastic!

If you haven’t find you favorite smell yet, you can also choose from “Rose and Jasmine” . These two scents blends together very well and helps you to relax. As well there is “Chamomile and Magnolia” (not sure how Magnolia smells, but I can easily scent Chamomile) for healing.
What I like the most about this handcream, is that it leaves my skin moisture without leaving any oily texture on it as my skin absorbs it quite quickly. Soon after applying I can touch things around me while not being afraid to make it greasy with my hands. On the package it is recommended for someone who is working in an office and have no time to wait and want to use computer immediately (don’t have to worry leaving keyboard sticky).

That’s how good it is and I’m thinking I’m falling in love with this brand!

Ingredients include: shea butter, almond oil, apricot kernel oil. No  silicone, parabens, artificial colors.

You can purchase it on Amazon Japan