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Tamanohada: shampoos and conditioners

Hello there. Did you had a great weekend? Well, I did <sticking tongue out>. Me, my hubby and my lovely 3 years old son went to Japanese restaurant to have  “shabu shabu” (Japanese vegetable soup in which you put meat and eat right after it gets boiled), also got some free samples of organic shampoos in one department store and most important delivery man brought two packages full of cosmetics. And guess my reaction when I saw that there was orange scented shampoo in it:) Usually I take photos  of products, I’m going to review, before using them, but just couldn’t stand this one. I opened it immediately and deeply inhale the smell. However a slight orange smell was overpowered by some other, floral scent. I thought maybe just my nose is getting weird recently. But to compare how real orange smells, I took sweet orange essential oil, and I was sure then that it was not exactly how this shampoo smells. That is just a slight cons. All the other things is just pros:


* lathers a lot;

* rinses well;

* silicone-free.


* silky, smooth hair;

* adds shine;

* adds moisture;

* floral scent remains for quite a long time;

* adds volume .

It is probably the best silicone free shampoo I’ve used so far. My hubby even asked if I got a haircut as there was something different about my hair, more bounce, shinier.

There are eight different smells for this series! I have samples of all them and can’t wait til I can try them all. Besides Orange scent, there are also Fig, Musk, Rose, Lavender, Gardenia, Mint, Olibanum scents (smell comes from natural esesential oils). Hope you will choose your favorite one and enjoy it as much as I did.

Purchase it: Amazon Japan, Global Rakuten.

Official website (in Japanese)


La Fleur – Japanese hair care with organic essential oils

Citrus smell is my weakness. And when it comes to silicone-free shampoo which smells like sweet orange and lemongrass, I can’t stop being excited. Especially when the scent is so strong that it feels like someone’s peeling a lemon in front of you. And it all comes from organic essential oils!
Besides it left my hair soooo glossy and smooth to touch. Shampoo doesn’t really have thick consistency but you will need just a small amount to rinse your hair as it lathers so much. Please try to use both shampoo and conditioner for a full effect.
I am putting this into my wishlist!

There is also Rose scent shampoo in this series. But when it came to the smell of this shampoo, I was disappointed, not because I don’t like rose smell much. It smelled a bit strangely, not exactly how I expected (like vinegar and rose?). And in comparison with the shampoo and conditioner above, it didn’t leave my hair that silky though I can’t say it dried out my hair either.

La Fleur Lavender shampoo. It has very strong herbal smell. Shampoo foams a lot (easy to rinse hair) and it is pretty similar to Citrus shampoo and conditioner as it leaves my hair super moisturized.

I am not sure how much organic this brand is, but it doesn’t contain silicone, parabens, artificial color and fragrance. Detergent is mild so you can use it for your children.

Where to purchase:  Global Rakuten (there are also trial sets, it says it can be shipped to the United States)

Official website (in Japanese)

P.S.To tell the truth, it is getting harder for me to describe a good shampoo or conditioner. All I can say it makes hair glossy, silky, adds volume, bounce, moisture, rinses well. What else do yu need to fall in love with a shampoo or a conditioner? Please share in the comments below:)

Have a good weekend!

Aroma Kifi “Tea tree and melissa”: Japanese shampoo and conditioner

Oh melissa..it brings back memories for me of staying in my grandma’s countryside and sipping hot melissa tea. This is exactly how this shampoo smells (conditioner smells even more!). So I guess it is a matter of  taste whether you gonna like this scent or not, but for sure you gonna enjoy it, if you love herbal tea smell.

The shampoo worked great for me, as it didn’t dry out my hair much. It happens for me with most of the shampoos (I can’t survive without conditioner). The consistency is quite watery so as I was afraid it wouldn’t foam up much I pushed out a lot of it. However it wasn’t necessary because it was lathering so much. For better result, I tried conditioner (the consistency is thick, which I like) of the same series. Even when my hair was still wet I could tell I would be satisfied with it. It gave my hair silky texture which I desire the most from a good conditioner (what about you?). As well I used it for my 3 years old son and  his hair became softer. I think I would never go back to silicone containing shampoos:)

Additional information about ingredients: it doesn’t contain silicone, parabens, synthetic perfume, synthetic coloring agents, mineral oil,  it is animal ingredients free. Surfactant is coconut oil-based (Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate), which is milder and safer than SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).

This is where you can purchase: Amazon. And the price is quite reasonable as it comes in 500ml bottles.

P.S. Tea tree oil is said to be good for scalp, dandruff, itchiness. I don’t have this problem, but if you do and you tried this shampoo, please share your experience in the comments:)

Have a good day!

Terracuore: aromatherapy in your bath

Terracuore products are made in Italy by Japanese company and its dedicated for Japanese people .
It has organic certificates too.

Shortly about ingredients of Damask Rose Deep Care conditioner: Damask rose water for conditioning, honey for moisturizing, wild strawberry for treatment, sesame oil for soft hair.

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of rose smell, but if I had to choose some artificial scent and natural rose smell,
my vote would definetely go to the last one. And If you go crazy about roses this conditioner is a must try since you will feel surrounded by their smell not only while taking a bath but a long time after that (even my pillow was imbued with the smell of conditioner). And the good thing is that the smell of rose works great as an antidepressant, stress releaver, and if you are a woman it eases discomforts of PMS.
The other thing I’d like to mention is that it may not be good if you have dry hair. My hair is a bit of dry type, and I would have found this conditioner more appealing if it left my hair more silky. On the other hand it won’t weigh down your hair and I’m happy it added up some volume and bounce for my hair. It may work the best for oily hair,you should give it a try!

Melissa Smoothing shampoo: sabon grass (not sure what it is) is for washing out dirt; peppermint and melissa for conditioning (makes hair silky); callendula, yarrow, wild strawberry for moisturizing and good hair balance.
I am so excited about the smell. It was everywhere: on my hair, in my bath, in my nose and in my mouth. It felt like I am chewing sweet peppermint gum an I kept inhaling and Inhaling for its cooling effect. My conclusion: it is perfect for summer and refreshing (especially when its over +30°C like here, in Tokyo).
I dont expect so much for getting my hair sleek from organic shampoos but this one was ok, except my dyed hair part, which felt quite dried out right after washing. But after my hair got dry, my hubby couldn’t stop touching my hair because of its smooth texture.

To sum up, this brand is great if you want to drown yourself in a variety of natural scents. And be sure to choose the right one for your hair type:)

You can purchase it on Global Rakuten (it is japanese no.1 shopping site), Aimere shop.