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And Organic shampoo and treatment for damaged and colored hair

Hello everyone. It has been a while since the last time I reviewed a shampoo (almost one week is a lot for me:)). And here it goes another Japanese brand called “And Organic” (it is used in some hair salons in Japan). As you can guess it is silicone free. By the way if you just started using silicone free shampoos you might want to know that it takes time for your hair to get used to this kind of shampoos so please give it at least two weeks before you decide to throw it away:P

I have been using And Organic shampoo and treatment for a week and I am really happy about it. Not just only it doesn’t contain many “bad” stuff in it (parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrance, TEA, DEA, MEA, phenoxyethanol) but it also cleans and lathers very well. I used this shampoo when I was trying coconut oil for my hair and it managed to wash it away completely. You will like the smell as well if you prefer light and natural scents like  lavender and citrus.

Treatment works great for colored or damaged hair like mine leaving it without any tangles. My hair felt soft and moisturized. I am sure I would keep on using this brand since I want to grow a healthy long hair again.

I was trying to find out if it can be purchased on such websites like Global Rakuten or Amazon Japan. However I couldn’t find it. But be sure to try this brand if you live in Japan!

Official website in Japanese


Coconut oil as a hair teatment

I couldn’t wait trying coconut oil for my hair. What is different from other oils such as olive oil ? It has an ability to be absorbed quite quickly into your skin and hair while repairing it from deep inside from the damage not just “sitting” on your hair and leaving it greasy. It contains a lot of lauric acid, a fatty acid, which is antibacterial and antifungal. Coconut oil helps to prevent dandruff, protects from sun and environmental damage, allowing hair grow more fully and faster.

That is how I used it:

Firstly I massaged it into my scalp (you can skip it) and then applied it to the ends and all over my hair. Put a towel on my head and went to sleep. In the morning washed my hair and ta-dah! No tangles even just after shampoo, my hair was so shiny and hydrated. So soft like my 3 years old son’s hair. I believe this is going to become my routine before washing hair. I just wish everyone could read this post and give it a try!

If you have any experience with coconut oil, please share it in the comments.