Coconut oil as a hair teatment

I couldn’t wait trying coconut oil for my hair. What is different from other oils such as olive oil ? It has an ability to be absorbed quite quickly into your skin and hair while repairing it from deep inside from the damage not just “sitting” on your hair and leaving it greasy. It contains a lot of lauric acid, a fatty acid, which is antibacterial and antifungal. Coconut oil helps to prevent dandruff, protects from sun and environmental damage, allowing hair grow more fully and faster.

That is how I used it:

Firstly I massaged it into my scalp (you can skip it) and then applied it to the ends and all over my hair. Put a towel on my head and went to sleep. In the morning washed my hair and ta-dah! No tangles even just after shampoo, my hair was so shiny and hydrated. So soft like my 3 years old son’s hair. I believe this is going to become my routine before washing hair. I just wish everyone could read this post and give it a try!

If you have any experience with coconut oil, please share it in the comments.


9 thoughts on “Coconut oil as a hair teatment

  1. What kind of hair do you have? I have thick, oil-prone hair and sometimes I feel like coconut oil dries my hair out, so I’ve started using grapeseed oil. I’ll have to double-check that I used extra-virgin coconut oil when I last tried it.

    • My hair is thin and fine except dyed hair part which is pretty dried out. It worked great for dyed hair making it soft and more manageable. I just started using coconut oil so my first impression is really good. Gotta keep using to tell more about it.

      • Interesting, I’ve heard from a lot of people that they like coconut oil for their hair and I always want it to work for me! I wonder if it would work better if I color my hair…might be fun to give it a go! 🙂 Thanks!

      • You’re welcome. There is also some tip that you warm up oil before applying it. Then it penetrates better I think. Also it might be a good idea to mix coconut oil with some other oils, there are recipes online for oily hair like yours.
        I hope you will find oil which works the best for you, there are so many of them!

    • Hi i had this problem with coconut oil when i first started to use it for my hair. But now my hair is healthy out i use very little less is more. I also take the oil internaly and have hair growth that i had lost 25yrs ogo when i had my son,now its starting to come back all that been said im on the coconut oil for 5mths. Cocowell organic extra virgin oil is the one i use.

  2. I have been using this cocowel brand for 2 weeks now and its great, for my sinus,chest infections very powerful for this as i suffer with pluresy better than any antibiotic that i was given from my doctor. I also use cocowel for external use,cleasing my skin on face and body and also hair conditioner its brillant. And i take 3 teaspoons a day once in morn with my coffee same in afternoon and same in eve this is what worked for me internal for my chest infection and sinus problems.

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