Aroma Kifi hand creams

This morning was harsh for me. After I woke up it felt like someone was hitting my head during all night  >_< What i needed at that time was something refreshing and energizing to start my day with. My eyes got caught by Aroma Kifi Rosemary and Grapefruit hand cream and text on the package in japanese which said “シャキッとONタイム”. シャキッ means “fresh” and ONタイム is “ON time”, you should use this cream when you feel you want to “switch” yourself ON. So I gave it a try. What I got a bit disappointed about is the smell since I couldn’t tell it has grapefruit scent in it much. However the smell is not bad, very natural and light. Personally I prefer Lavender and Lime (for taking a break) from the same series (you know that I go crazy about citrus smell). It smells fantastic!

If you haven’t find you favorite smell yet, you can also choose from “Rose and Jasmine” . These two scents blends together very well and helps you to relax. As well there is “Chamomile and Magnolia” (not sure how Magnolia smells, but I can easily scent Chamomile) for healing.
What I like the most about this handcream, is that it leaves my skin moisture without leaving any oily texture on it as my skin absorbs it quite quickly. Soon after applying I can touch things around me while not being afraid to make it greasy with my hands. On the package it is recommended for someone who is working in an office and have no time to wait and want to use computer immediately (don’t have to worry leaving keyboard sticky).

That’s how good it is and I’m thinking I’m falling in love with this brand!

Ingredients include: shea butter, almond oil, apricot kernel oil. No  silicone, parabens, artificial colors.

You can purchase it on Amazon Japan


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