Chant a Charm: Japanese herbal skin care

Clear off Milk

* Make up and dirt remover ;
* Keeps your skin soft, moisture, removes dead skin cells and oily part of your skin;
* Can be used for day and night.

How it works: milky texture turns to oil when it reacts with dirt on your skin. Because of that it can wash away all make up (even if you use a lot), which other organic products couldn’t do before.

How to use: put 3 pushes of it on your palm and rub it into your face. If you want to remove all your make up, please massage it in until milky consistency turns to oil.

First of all, I really want to say a huge thanks to my hubby for helping me to translate all this information since it can be found only in Japanese.

So, what is true about this Clear off Milk is that it really turns into oil after you massage it in your face and it doesn’t have strong smell, you can just feel a slight scent of herbs (smell comes from essential oils). At first, I was kind of worried that the oily texture on my face couldn’t be washed away completely and it actually felt pretty oily even after drying with a towel. But after some minutes, that oily feeling disappeared as it was somehow absorbed to my skin, leaving it smooth and soft. And the main thing (the mission of this product) is that it removed my make up completely, even though I tried to apply a lot before using this milk.

This was my first organic make up remover so I would definetely consider buying a full size product knowing it is gentle for your skin. This is where you can purchase Chant a Charm:  Global Rakuten

Enjoy your Sunday!


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