Terracuore: aromatherapy in your bath

Terracuore products are made in Italy by Japanese company and its dedicated for Japanese people .
It has organic certificates too.

Shortly about ingredients of Damask Rose Deep Care conditioner: Damask rose water for conditioning, honey for moisturizing, wild strawberry for treatment, sesame oil for soft hair.

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of rose smell, but if I had to choose some artificial scent and natural rose smell,
my vote would definetely go to the last one. And If you go crazy about roses this conditioner is a must try since you will feel surrounded by their smell not only while taking a bath but a long time after that (even my pillow was imbued with the smell of conditioner). And the good thing is that the smell of rose works great as an antidepressant, stress releaver, and if you are a woman it eases discomforts of PMS.
The other thing I’d like to mention is that it may not be good if you have dry hair. My hair is a bit of dry type, and I would have found this conditioner more appealing if it left my hair more silky. On the other hand it won’t weigh down your hair and I’m happy it added up some volume and bounce for my hair. It may work the best for oily hair,you should give it a try!

Melissa Smoothing shampoo: sabon grass (not sure what it is) is for washing out dirt; peppermint and melissa for conditioning (makes hair silky); callendula, yarrow, wild strawberry for moisturizing and good hair balance.
I am so excited about the smell. It was everywhere: on my hair, in my bath, in my nose and in my mouth. It felt like I am chewing sweet peppermint gum an I kept inhaling and Inhaling for its cooling effect. My conclusion: it is perfect for summer and refreshing (especially when its over +30°C like here, in Tokyo).
I dont expect so much for getting my hair sleek from organic shampoos but this one was ok, except my dyed hair part, which felt quite dried out right after washing. But after my hair got dry, my hubby couldn’t stop touching my hair because of its smooth texture.

To sum up, this brand is great if you want to drown yourself in a variety of natural scents. And be sure to choose the right one for your hair type:)

You can purchase it on Global Rakuten (it is japanese no.1 shopping site), Aimere shop.


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